Social Events


  • There will be a reception on May 28th (Mon) evening at the conference venue, Yamagata Terrsa.


Excursion is in the afternoon of May 30th (Wed), in two tours (the first two visiting locations are common).

Tour A (Yamadera course)

  • Takahata Winery (including light meal for lunch)
  • Kumano Taisha Shrine
  • Yamadera Hiking

Please note that "Yamadera" (the montain shrine also shown up in the top page and conference poster) is located at high up the mountain and one has to walk the stone path of about 1000 steps. (Suitable hiking gear is recommended.)

Tour B (Cherry picking course)

  • Takahata Winery (including light meal for lunch)
  • Kumano Taisha Shrine
  • Cherry picking

Yamagata cherry is known in Japan as "red jewel", sweet, delicious, juicy fruit. End of May is just the beginning of the high season of cherry fruit, although you miss another famous cherry blossoms in Japan.

Excursion is operated by Kinki Nippon Tourist and has to be selected at the registration page. Please also notice the terms and conditions there.


  • Banquet will be held on May 31th (Thu) at Chitosekan. Chitosekan is a traditional Ryoutei-style Japanese Restaurant since 1877 locating in Yamagata City of northern part of Japan. You can enjoy a mix of traditional Japanese style wooden building and the 19th century early westernization and modernization styles.
  • Traditional Japanese meals including meat and fish will be served. We are told that fully vegetarian meal is not available, but please inform us if you have special dietary requirements (we will try...).
  • There will be a traditional Japanese entertainment by Yamagata Maiko .
  • Bus transportation from the conference venue before the banquet, and to the Yamagata station after the banquet will be available. Chitosekan is at 2 km from the Yamagata station, and is also possible to walk back to your hotel.