City Guide


  • Restaurant Guide provided by Yamagata convention bureau, with nice photos and map guides (well, please don't be afraid of flood of Japanese text...)
  • Booklet version of this guide will be provided at the HQL2018 conference site, which includes more useful information such as typical price
  • List of lunch places


  • 7-Eleven convenience store in front of Terrsa for drinks, snacks and bento lunch-boxes, daily goods, ATM
  • Max-Valu supermarket within 2-3 minutes walk from Terrsa
  • S-PAL station building has many shops in it, including souvenir shops
  • Juji-ya department store is within 5 minutes walk in the east side of Yamagata station (unfortunately, closed on Feb 2018...)
  • Onuma department store and surrounding Nanokamachi shopping street are in the old downtown area for shopping

Tourist information