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Timetable on indico

Timetable is on KEK Indico page (click here)
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Instruction for Presenters

Conference proceedings

  • Proceedings of HQL2018 will be published in PoS.
  • Suggested page limits, in addition to the cover page, are,
    • 4 pages for posters
    • 6 pages for 20-minute presentations
    • 8 pages for longer presentations
  • You may add a few more pages if needed, as these are not hard limits. But please do not exceed 10 pages (+ 1 cover page).
  • Here is the advertisement from PoS
  • PoS temlate is available here:
  • Contributors will receive an instruction for the conference proceedings via email soon.
  • Contributions are peer-reviewed.

For speakers

  • Speakers are encouraged to provide a pedagogical flavor to their talks for the wide range of audience.
  • Please prepare for the 4:3 aspect ratio (1024x768 dots), and due to rather low resolution, do not use too small fonts or too thin lines for modern high resolution displays.
  • We recommend the speakers to provide their talk files in PDF format, which is usually least problematic on font and layout troubles.
  • Powerpoint format is also acceptable, but we would suggest to provide the PDF version as well, just in case of display problem.
  • If you have a special request on presentation format / software (e.g., inclusion of video), please contact us.
  • Talk files cannot be directly uploaded to the indico page due to some restriction of the server. Please go to this page using the userid and password which should be provided to speakers. (not provided yet as of May 15)

For poster presenters

  • Recommended size of the poster size is the standard A0 size, 841mm horizontal x 1189mm vertical.
  • Posters will be posted on a steel wall by small magnets, and the place is available throughout the conference period.
  • Poster session is in the Tuesday afternoon. Posters should be posted at least by lunch time of Tuesday.
  • Every poster presenter has a 5 minutes oral presentation slot with no discussion time. Please prepare up to 5 pages of slides including the cover page and follow the instructions "for speakers".

Daily Schedule

May 27 (Sun)

  • On-site registration at the conference site, with welcome drinks

May 28 (Mon)

  • Registration desk from 8:00am
  • Plenary Session Day 1 from 8:30am to 6pm (CPV/Rare/New-exp)
  • Reception at the conference site

May 29 (Tue)

  • Plenary Session Day 2 from 8:30am to 5pm (Top/Spectroscopy-1/Neutrino-1)
  • Short presentations with Posters

May 30 (Wed)

  • Plenary Session Day 3 from 8:30am to noon (Kaon)
  • Excursion including lunch

May 31 (Thu)

  • Plenary Session Day 4 from 8:30am to 6pm (Neutrino-2/CKM/Specroscopy-2)
  • Banquet

June 1 (Fri)

  • Plenary Session Day 5 from 8:30am to 6pm (LFV/g-2/Dark/New-exp)
  • Adjourn

Sessions / Conveners

Programs are divided into following sessions. All talks are plenary. Names of the conveners for each session are listed below.

Neutrino (Tue/Thu)

  • Adam Para (Fermilab)
  • Rupert Leitner (Charles University)
  • Jonathan Link (Virginia Tech)
  • Atsuko Ichikawa (Kyoto University)

LFV / Dark Sector (Fri)

  • Leo Piilonen (Virginia Tech)
  • Michael Williams (MIT)

Spectroscopy (Tue/Thu)

  • Stefano Bianco (INFN Frascati)
  • Haibo Li (IHEP Beijing)
  • Matthew Needhum (University of Edinburgh)

Kaon Physics (Wed)

  • Rainer Wanke (University Mainz)
  • Tadashi Nomura (KEK)
  • Karol Kampf (Charles University)

Top Quark Physics (Tue)

  • Lucia Masetti (University Mainz)
  • Maria Aldaya Martin (DESY)

CPV (Mon)

  • Maria Smizanska (Lancaster University)
  • Hitoshi Yamamoto (Tohoku University)
  • Patrick Koppenburg (CERN)

Rare Decays (Mon)

  • Brad Cox (University of Virginia)
  • Tim Gershon (University of Warwick)
  • Akimasa Ishikawa (Tohoku University)

CKM (Thu)

  • Christoph Schwanda (HEPHY Vienna)
  • Elisabetta Barberio (University of Melbourne)
  • Marcello Rotondo (INFN Frascati)

New Experiments (Mon/Fri)

  • Zdeněk Doležal (Charles University)
  • Gioacchino Ranucci (INFN Milano)
  • Jon Paley (Fermilab)

Short Presentations with Posters (Tue)

  • Mikihiko Nakao (KEK)
  • There are still room for short presentations with poster. A short oral presentation of 3 minutes with no discussion time will be allocated for each presentation, for a smooth discussion in front of the poster (length may be subject to change). Please submit the title and abstract of the presentation by an email to contact[at]