• There are sufficient number of hotels in Yamagata city within a few to 10 minutes walk distance from the conference venue.
  • Conference period is in between the so-called "Golden Week" period and summer vacation period, and is not expected to be crowded by domestic tourists.

Hotels in Yamagata

1. Yamagata Kokusai Hotel
Room rate per night Single: JPY 8,000
Twin: JPY 14,000
Hotel map
2. Hotel Castle
Room rate per night Single: JPY 9,100
Hotel map
3. Washington Hotel Yamagata Eki Nishiguchi
Room rate per night Single: JPY 8,500
Hotel map
4. Hotel Route-Inn Yamagata Ekimae
Room rate per night Single: JPY 7,000
Hotel map

  • You may also book hotels using Expedia, or other similar site of your choice.
  • Booking sites run by Japanese companies, such as rakuten or jalan may have more offers than international ones.

Booking hotels elsewhere in Japan

  • If you need to stay outside of Yamagata, we kindly ask you to book hotels by yourself.
  • Depending on your flight schedule, it may be necessary to make an extra stay in Tokyo near the Narita airport, Tokyo station, or Ueno station.
  • Please use online booking sites, which cover everywhere in Japan, from large cities to countryside touristic places.
  • Booking hotels in Tokyo could be less easier than booking hotels in Yamagata, because of recent increasing tourist traffic to Tokyo.

Tips on booking a hotel in Japan

  • You may find that single room price is inexpensive compared with international standards, but rooms are usually quite compact (price per area may not be so inexpensive).
  • Rate is calculated per person, not per room. A double room occupied by two people often costs nearly the same as two single rooms.